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Experts of the Process

We are dedicated to being your partners in the change process.

Our commitment to building and implementing sustainable strategies combined with our expertise in our fields results in exceptional results for your organization.


Gokce “GG” Gizer


GG is an organizational change consultant and startup advisor. She founded Mercury Change Group to assist organizations in their change process with a focus on strategy, culture, and innovation, and offer training, workshops, and leadership development programs.

She is part-time faculty at Parsons, at The New School in New York, teaching courses on design, innovation and sustainability.



Katie Fong


Katie has 12 years of experience crafting customized talent strategies for her clients, incorporating industry insights, conducting culture fit assessments, and advising around leadership success factors relative to business priorities. She is recognized by clients and candidates for her skill at providing insightful organization and talent assessment, and for her depth of understanding around how operational processes connect to creative outputs.


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Field Experts

We have an extensive network of consultants working on our projects who are experts in their fields. As part of our customized process we involve the right experts based on our clients’ needs.

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