branding, marketing and communication design services for startups

Onkaro is an agency working with Startup companies; providing branding, marketing and communication design services along with workshops and consulting. We help the founders better communicate their ideas to investors and customers through their pitches and visually appealing communication materials designed by our team.

We work closely with the founding teams to:

  • Perfect their pitches
  • Build a strong brand and story from the beginning
  • Create marketing & communication materials along the way
  • Design presentation & deck templates
  • Understand the business and the industry through market research & competitive analysis
  • Define the branding strategy based on research findings
  • Provide workshops on branding, presentation design & delivery and communication

As we work on the branding, marketing & communication materials, the start-up founders have the time and the energy to focus on developing their ideas/ products, on fundraising and on running their businesses. 

We’ve been working with a variety of early stage start-ups in New York City, Toronto and Istanbul. Our experience and knowledge both in business and design enable us to better understand and help identify the needs of the companies we work with.

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